You can try to carefully turn back the small screw (if existing). Please make a note of the number of turns and let us know at your next visit. If there is no screw in the brace or it did not work, then make an emergency appointment at our practice.

This is nothing to worry about. This can happen during dentition or when there is swelling of the gums. In the case of a gum injury caused by hard food, which is accompanied by swelling, you can try to reduce the symptoms by decongestant measures (e.g., rinsing with chamomile or sage tea). Please put the braces aside and call us for an emergency appointment. It is important to relieve the corresponding area on the removable braces professionally.

If the wire on a removable brace is broken, there are two possibilities. If the wire end does not hurt you or there is nothing loose on the brace, you can wait until the next appointment. In this case, the braces should be worn as instructed. If, on the other hand, there is a risk of injury from a loose wire end or if the wire bothers you, then only a short visit to us is needed. The same applies if the removable brace is broken for any reason.

If a removable brace has been lost, please let us know immediately. We will tell you on the phone whether a new brace has to be made immediately or whether you can wait until your next appointment.


If the separating rubber was lost on the same day or the following day after insertion, please contact us for a short emergency appointment. If, on the other hand, the separating rubber was lost one to two days before the next appointment, then it is sufficient if you arrive 15 minutes before the next appointment. In the latter case, please inform the reception that you have lost the separator.   

Sensitivity on teeth after the insertion of fixed braces or a new archwire is quite common in the first few days and is no cause for alarm. In rare cases, a mild painkiller, such as paracetamol, may be administered in tablet or juice form within the manufacturer's dosage instructions. To relieve the tension from the new archwire, it helps to rinse the mouth with cold water or suck on an ice cube. If there is no improvement in the symptoms after three to five days or if the pain worsens after three days, please contact us by phone and make an emergency appointment.

If the archwire has slipped out of the band (this can happen with large gaps between the teeth and a thin archwire) you can try to push the end of the wire back into the tube with your fingers or tweezers. You can use the opposite side as a guide. If it does not work, cover the wire end with wax or sugar-free chewing gum and make an emergency appointment with us as soon as possible. If you are on holiday and do not have an orthodontist near you, then the offending wire end can be shortened with a pair of sturdy nail scissors. Please contact us after your return so that we can insert a new archwire during an emergency appointment.

Even minor adjustments of the dental arch can lead to a protruding archwire in the posterior region. This can occur in general or especially in the case of gap closure. If this happens, you can first try to cover the area with wax and wait. If there is no improvement after one to two days, make an emergency appointment with us so that the wire can be shortened or adjusted.

If a band or bracket has come loose from the tooth and is still attached to the archwire, leave everything as it is and make an emergency appointment with us as soon as possible. If the band or bracket is no longer attached to the archwire, please pick it up and bring it to your emergency appointment.

If you have noticed the loss of a elastic ligature or if the power chain has broken, please make an emergency appointment with us so that the ligature or power chain can be renewed.

This usually affects patients who no longer have fixed braces in their mouth. An emergency appointment should be made with us as soon as possible so that the bonding surface can be renewed. If this situation is not taken seriously, there is a risk of a relapse of the tooth position, which can usually only be remedied with greater effort. If an additional removable brace was made after the fixed brace was removed, it can be worn at night in the meantime until the next emergency appointment.


If you have lost your current aligners, then there are two possibilities. If you have already worn the current pair of aligners reliably for three days or more, then you can switch to the next pair of aligners without an issue. If this is not the case, then use the previous pair of aligners for the time being. Please let us know by phone so that we can order the lost aligners for you again and arrange a new appointment in 10-14 days. 

If this happens, please make an emergency appointment so that we can reattach the lost attachment to the tooth.

This happens very rarely. If the edge of the aligner bothers you, you may first try to smooth the edge yourself with a nail file. If this doesn't help, please make an emergency appointment with us.  


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