Children, adolescents or adult patients - all patients are in good hands at our orthodontic practice in Münchenstein. Modern treatment techniques enable optimal functional and aesthetic results at any age.

Taking your individual needs into account, suitable therapy options will be discussed with you in a detailed consultation. We offer a therapy plan that is precisely tailored to you. A transparent cost structure guarantees a contemporary and cost-effective orthodontic treatment. Our treatment is carried out with the greatest care and attention to detail.
In addition to treatment with removable and fixed braces, we also offer the option of gently correcting malocclusions with invisible splints (also called aligners).

In our specialist practice for orthodontics, we not only correct tooth and jaw misalignments. A holistic perspective plays a central role in our daily work. In the course of orthodontic treatment, versatile and modern treatment methods can lead to significant improvements in breathing, pronunciation, facial expression, and head and body posture.

Close cooperation with speech therapists, physiotherapists and other interdisciplinary colleagues enables optimal treatment. For adult patients with corresponding jaw malpositions, interdisciplinary cooperation with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon may be necessary.

We guarantee extensive experience in orthodontics while providing it in a family- and child-friendly atmosphere. Working with children gives us a lot of pleasure. With passion and empathy, we give our best to offer relaxed doctor appointments without fear and discomfort. A detailed and empathic consultation is what makes us stand out.

It is important to us that our young patients develop an understanding of their chosen treatment procedure.
With removable braces, our little patients can select the colour design. Our braces are specially made for each individual patient by a laboratory we trust. To ensure that the patient does not feel left alone in any way, he or she is constantly accompanied by us. The well-being of our minor and adult patients has been the highest priority for us from the beginning.


Dr. med. dent.
Daniel Heekeren



  • Took over the private practice of Dr. Andreas Erhardt, founder of the "Praxis für Kieferorthopädie Münchenstein".


  • Orthodontist in a private practice in Denzlingen

2014 - 2017

  • Orthodontist at the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg
  • Completed qualifications in orthodontics
  • Postgraduate specialization in orthodontics at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

2013 - 2014

  • Postgraduate specialization in orthodontics in a private practice in Berlin


  • Doctorate

2010 - 2013

  • General dentist in a private practice in Berlin


  • Licence to practise dentistry

2004 - 2010

  • Dental school at the Philipps University Marburg

Treatment focus

Fixed and removable orthodontic appliances for children and adults, Invisalign treatment, combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgical treatment, temporomandibular joint diagnostics and therapy.

Association & Society Memberships

  • German Society for Orthodontics (DGKFO)
  • Swiss Dental Association (SSO)


  • Swiss Society of Orthodontics (SGK/SSODF)


  • Swiss Society for Aligner Orthodontics (SGAO/SSAO)


Appointment coordination & administration


Treatment assistant


Treatment assistant


Appointment coordination & treatment assistant


Orthodontics Practice in Münchenstein

Dr. med. dent. Daniel Heekeren
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